Handmade * All Natural Soaps

These handmade in the USA soaps contain no genetically modified oils (GMO). Buy our soap with confidence that you are not supporting the "engineered food industry!"
All of our soap is truly handmade from scratch and NEVER uses melt and pour soap in any element of the soap making process.

You will receive 2 / 4 Oz. Bars Cut in Slab Style with a "rough top" and will vary in height, but have a bit more personality.

Yankee Traders is proud to sell these one of kind all natural soaps

Made in the USA!!


Autumn Apples Soap - Handmade, All Natural - Vegan / 2 Bars

Bay Rum Soap - All Natural,Vegan 2 Pack Boxed

Brown Sugar Fig Goat Milk Soap Bars -All Natural,Vegan 2 Pack Boxed

Cherry Almond Beard, Body & Hair Soap, Handmade & Vegan / 2 Bars

Cinnamon Almond Soap, All Natural - Vegan 2 Pack Boxed

Citrus & Fresh Cut Herbs, Goat Milk Soap, 2 PK

Clean Cotton Soap, All Natural - Vegan 2 Pack Boxed

Craft Beer Soap Combo, Hoppin Mad Ale & Pumpkin Lager, 2 PK

Cucumelon Soap- All Natural - Vegan 2 Pack Boxed

Fresh Ginger Lime Soap Soap - All Natural / Vegan - 2 - 4 Oz. Bars