hopping chick

Easter & Spring


Hoppy Spring



Easter, Spring Dark Chocolate Nonpareils, 2 Pound Bag

Available in Bulk Size, Large Size

Jelly Beans, ASSORTED FLAVORS, Traditional

Jelly Beans, BLACK LICORICE, Traditional

Jordan Almonds, Pastel Assortment, 20 Ounce Bag

Pez, Bulk Bulk Assorted Fruit Refills, 2 Pounds

Pixy Sticks - Bulk, Assorted, 1 POUND

Out of Stock

Runts Fruit Candy

Limited Quantities

Sanded Green Apple Candy Drops - 2 Lbs

Sanded Lemon Candy Drops - 2 Lbs

Out of Stock

Sanded Raspberry Candy Drops - 2 Lbs


Out of Stock

Sanded Watermelon Candy Drops - 2 Lbs

Sanded Wild Cherry Candy Drops - 2 Lbs

Smarties Candy - 2 Lbs

Smarties, Double Lollies, Bulk Wrapped 2 LBS

Smarties, X-TREME Sour, 2 LBS

Sour Fruit Balls

Springtime Sixlets, Pastels Assortment 1 Pound Bag

Out of stock

Sweetarts Mini Rolls Candy - 2 Lbs

Tiny Birds Eggs, Assorted Fruit Jelly Beans, 2 Pound Bag

Wrapped Double Honey Filled Candies - 2 Lbs

Wrapped Hostess Party Mix, YANKEETRADERS own wrapped hard candy assortment - 2 Lbs

Wrapped Swizzle Sticks, Rock Candy - Assorted Flavors, 14 COUNT

Wrapped Zotz Assorted Sour Fizzing Candies - 2 Lbs

New Seasonal Item